Character Design

This piece of work had been done for an Airtel advertisement during my internship at “Famous house of Animation”. There were 7-8 characters that I had to design and this is one of them. The name of this character is "Lans Nayak Badrinath" from Coochbihar.

Once I was happy with this character, I scanned it and placed the sketches on the machine and start cleaning up using Photoshop.

After cleanup, I put a base texture to get a grunge effect and a base colour in the cloth and the cap. Then, I added a base colour to it, to give it a nice dark/gloomy feeling. And then added some light rays also from top right.

Then I starts colouring the body with flat colours and with flat tonal variation and then start merging it slowly-slowly. Always use different layers and folders for different colours and shades. It helps you to alter later if you need to make changes.

After the coloring process is complete you need to add some shading. Shading makes the character look 3 dimensional and real. So I had applied light and shade considering the light source and the light reflection and refractions.

Here is a detail look of the face.

Here's the final piece!

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