Showreel 2008


  1. Mast Bolg banaya hai Varun Bhayya ...... :)
    jiyooo jug jug jiyoooo :P

  2. Nice to see ur work....keep updating :)

  3. outstanding my dear bro.....hats of to u

  4. We all, K V Maligaon's Student know what you are capable of. I always believed, that you will surely do great thinks like this in your life.
    After all a Kid who got Awarded from the President of India at the age of 10 for his creativity, will definitely do great thinks and achieve lot more than that, that was only the starting.

    Sumit Bose
    I was exactly waiting for something like this where you will showcase your masterpieces and we all can enjoy them. Proud to be your classmate.
    Way to Go, Best Wishes.


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